Creating Beautiful Websites

Capitol Electric LLC Website Image

We work very hard to create beautiful custom websites for our clients and one of the most important things we can do is listen! Often the create process for graphic and web designers begins in the mind of the developer, but it takes great listening skills before you may begin the creative process. The client or customer needs to be heard completely and understood before the hard work can begin. I like to listen first…and then listen again. After this we then need to discuss what I think has been said to ensure that I comprehend what the client truly has envisioned for their website.

Beautiful websites are created by teamwork! The colors and layout lead the way first. The logo is critical to get right the first time. Some of the obstacles that we run into are trying to launch and design to quickly. I encourage taking more time to live with the first pass at the design process and then come back to the discussion looking objectively at what is working and what might need to be changed to get to the final approved design. Some things should not be rushed!

Beautiful websites should also have beautiful text and content! The font can make the character of the website shine! The words should be easy to understand and yet the flow of the text can be beautiful too. It is important to effectively communicate through written words on the website to give the visitor a great experience. It also takes time and some serious proof reading for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I like to have at least three people read through everything on a website before launching the finished product. It takes time to say exactly what you need to say in the best way. Never rush on getting things correct and beautiful.

Last and not the least is the create pictures, graphics, and videos that are used on the website. They should be attractive to a visitor but not overwhelming. You need to watch out that they truly fit the emotion and communication that you are trying to convey to the visitor. The size matters too. This process might take time too! Find the right pictures and graphics that show who you are and what the product is that you are sharing with the visitors. They should represent you and your organization in a beautiful way!

The picture above is one of our clients websites. Feel free to find them on the internet and see what they offer and what they do.